Dating from the Bronze Age and when the dead were buried in the barrows which are here today, Brook became a small settlemtne of farmsteads which reached from the east of Five Barrows to the south and the cliff's edge.

Situated on the southwest between the villages of Freshwater and Brighstone the Manor which is listed in the Domesday Book was in the hands of the Clamorgan family when the three Edwards ruled the land, they held it for over three centuries and through marriage it passed to the Bowermans. The manor eventually was sold in 1854 to Mr Charles Seely who was tghe Member of Parliament for Lincoln and this then went on to Charles, his son who later created a Baronet. Charles the son was the founder of many reading rooms for men and the one here is known as 'Seely Hall' and is still there today.

The old lifeboat station on Brook green can still be seen, albeit without a roof.

Brook is cut by some lovely chines and many lovely little streams but it has the reputation of being a danger to shipping as at low tide there is what looks at first like large lumps of rock covered in seaweed, but on closer examination they can be seen to be very old pine trees which grew in a forest here thousands of years ago.

The church sits 500ft up on Brook Down on what is appropriately known as God's Acre, and it was rebuilt in the 19th century and its only treasures are a tower arch which is blocked up and a stone lion. Behind the church is Brook house which in the times of the Tudors was owned by Dame Joan Bowerman who entertained Henry Vi here. Joan was the founder of a chantry whereby a priest was to sing to here and her family and indeed for all Christians

Brook with the church and Brook House
Photo courtesy IOWCAM


A panoramic view across Tennyson Down toward Brook Bay
Photo courtesy IOWCAM

Brook also has its hero for under a pine tree is the grave of Henry George Brown the winner of a Victoria Cross, whose grandfather Arthur Browne also won a Victoria Cross at the siege of Lucknow by charging a gun battery and spiking the two guns there.