When the Domesday Survey was taking place in 1086, Mapledurwell was the only estate in Hampshire owned by Hubert de Port, it was in those days a much larger area and covered the modern parishes of Newnham, Up Nately and Andwell  and at the start of the 12th century Adam de Port was the Lord of Mapledurwell and it was he who founded the Priory of Andwell in the latter half of Henry I's reign.

In 1172 Adam de Port was outlawed for treason and he forfeited all of his possessions, the manor was given to Alan Basset by the king and it eventually passed to Hugh le Despenser in 1306. But he and his son Hugh the Younger were executed in 1326 by the forces of Queen Isabel and a year later the manor returned to the Despenser family and it remained with them for two hundred years but when Thomas Despenser was put to death at Bristol in 1400, for taking part in a conspiracy to restore Richard II, it was forfeited again. And in 1529 William Frost of Avington granted the manor to Corpus Christi College, Oxford ''for the support to the end of time of a fellow of his own blood'.  Since then the lands have stayed in the hands of the college.

Mapledurwell is a parish and a village that sits on the banks of the River Loddon and Basingstoke Canal and is three miles south-east from Basingstoke station.



The parish church is dedicated to St Mary and is a small ancient structure with a square tower and register dates from the year 1620.

  The Door of the church
Chimneys which has a large pond and seems to have a spring in it feeding the local streams   The stream