Middle Wallop
Middle Wallop lies on the A343 Andover to Salisbury road which can be extremely busy thus bring a bit of extra noise to this tranquil spot of Hampshire, well thats a bit tongue in cheek, as here can be found Middle Wallop Airfield and the fighter aircraft that were here played a major part in the defence of the country during World War II and especially during the Battle of Britain. This is also home to the Army Air Corps and the venue for some spectacular air displays in the past, it is one of three closely related villages which owe their odd name to the little Wallop brook (the other two being Over Wallop and Nether Wallop).

Until about 15 years or more a world famous military air show was held here  in July which was completely free to the public, and those travelling along the main road had spectacular views of jet fighters, bombers and transports as well as vintage aircraft and helicopters.


Helicopter at the Army Flying Museum


Spotter plane at the Army Flying Museum


Tank in desert colours at the Army Flying Museum


The George Public House