Photo reproduced by courtesy of Gwynn White

  Shorwell is a lovely little  village that has three manor houses a church some lovely thatched cottages and whats more important an extremely good village pub!

It lies beneath the downs and is a good base for those who love walking, a steep shute leads out of the vilage and here a rustic bridge crosses over the road. Here you will find the car park and access to many lovely downland walks

On the way back to the village the gates of Northcourt Manor will be found, the manor has some impressive architecture and lies in beautiful gardens which are sometimes open to the public.

The second manor lies beside the Brightstone Road, this is Westcourt Manor which has a farm adjacent to it and a path that leads to Wolverstone Manor which was built by the islands Deputy Governor in honour of Queen Elizabeth I. Here there is also a working farm but not open to the public. The manor is reputed to have a ghost.


Looking down Shorwell Shute with the rustic bridge across the road
Photo courtesy of IOWCAM


The Crown Inn and thatched cottages
Photo courtesy of IOWCAM

The village church is dedicated to St Peter and stands in the centre of the village and has three aisles.

There seems to be a fair amount of treasures here but its main treasure can be seen when entering the church door, for there is a large wall painting showing the rector being carried by St Christopher, the rector is dressed in a full sleeved gown with a rosette fastener on one should and it is dated from the 15th century.

Also here is Sir John Leigh who is seen kneeling in prayer at his desk protected by a canopied alabaster monument in the North aisle and he is dressed in clothes of the period, a ruff and hose, and his great-grandson Barnabas can be seen standing behind him.

When Sir John was lying in the house awaiting burial, Barbabas who was nine months old became ill and died and they both lie together with an epitaph that ends

Inmate in grave, he took his grandchild heir,
Whose soul did haste to make to him repair,
And so to heaven along as little page
With him did post, to wait upon his age,

Sir John was responsible for the building of the house across the way called North Court and he also gave the  church its spire and weathercock shi is dated 1617.