Whitwell is a pretty village that has some stone and thatch cottages and a 700 year old church set in a garden that is a riot of colour in the summer season.
It takes its name from the White Well which was a place of pilgrimage during mediaeval times and the well is still here today down a track that is opposite the church.

The White Horse Inn is said to be the oldest pub on the island and has walls that go back to the 15th century.

You will notice a few handsome iron pillars set at regular intervals throughout Whitwell and these are old water standards provided in 1887 by William Spindler who was a prominent figure in St Lawrence and he is buried in Whitwell graveyard.

The church was built in two parts, the first and the oldest part was build by the de Esturs and dedicated to their family patron saint. The the owners of Stenbury Manor built a small chapel on the Southside of the church and this was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and until the 16th century the two buildings were separate then the dividing wall was demolished making it one building.

Just outside Whitwell is the old railway tunnel, still in use but now as a mushroom farm.

 The Whitehorse Inn
Photo courtesy of IOWCAM